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Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch

Canvas 2: Niji-iro no Sketch

Released Year : October 2, 2005 to March 26, 2006

No of Episodes : 24

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Genre : Comedy,Drama,Romance,Slice of Life

Plot : Kamikura Hiroki is an art student at the local school Nadesico Academy (High School and college level) whom intends to be an art teacher in the future. He is also the advisor to the high school arts society where his cousin, Housen Elis, attends. While Elis is a painter like Hiroki, Hiroki seems to have given up on his dreams and no longer paints. There appears to be some mysterious trauma in the both of their pasts which may have changed them. Meanwhile, the high school hires a new PE teacher, Kikyo Kiri. On the first day, she bumps into Hiroki and is stunned. Here is the boy she confessed to and he refused her... (Source: ANN)

Our Review : First of all, this is the first harem anime that I watched that I liked so much that got me into making a review for it.

The story is quite nice and somehow unpredictable. If you've watched Da Capo, it resembles most of it. But the way the story is presented, and the story itself, has a unique touch to it.
Even though it's harem (I don't like harem animes anyway) this is entertaining to the point that I really watched 11 episodes in one sitting and I never included this anime in my Dropped list. I gave the story a 9 because I enjoyed it so much; even though others doesn't like its ending, I personally have nothing to say about its end.

The art is better than other harem animes, and it's just good. It may not be the best, but the art is great.

I couldn't remember other music here, but the opening and ending songs are nice because it actually gives a very simple feeling to the anime.

The characters have different strengths and weaknesses and it was presented in the story in a way that the main guy character is always involved in them.

I enjoyed it so much that I loved it!

This is one harem kind of anime you might want to watch... ^_^

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