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Released Year : March 22, 2002 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Fantasy,Music,Romance,School

Plot : Mika Katagiri wants her band to perform at the upcoming local festival. However, complications arise. Their keyboardist, Jun, refuses to play, and their stage has been cancelled. Refusing to give up, Mika and her band strive to find a way to play at the festival, using any means necessary. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : First of all this is my first review, so don’t expect much.

This short movie is based on a visual novel game with the same name. It’s special to me, and in this review I’ll try to explain why.

Story (1)
Uhh… so it’s about a girl who desperately wants to play a song on a festival that gets canceled, because keyboardist of the band quits. Well why did he quit? I don’t know… it’s not explained, as well as the other things like why is she so desperate? It’s her last chance? What? It doesn’t make any sense.
The whole thing we see members of the band doing silly things, and chasing coordinator trying to change her mind. It feels like a silly advertisement of the game.

Character (1)
Well, there’s plenty of characters. They all don’t make much sense, and share the same level of stupidity. I don’t even remember their names, if they had any.

Art (2)
It’s terrible. The characters are ugly, and watching this thing was painful for my eyes. The animation isn’t the worst, but still… awful

Sound (3)
Probably the strongest part of the whole OAV, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. The opening is pretty annoying, I couldn’t listen to it for the second time. Tracks we hear during the actual anime are pretty annoying as well. They fit, giving the whole thing even more annoying feeling.
The voice actors were ok, making it the best part of this miserable experience.

Enjoyment (1)
I did not enjoy any second of this. It attacked my head from every side making my brain feel like boiling diarrhea.

Overall (1)
This short movie is definitely a special one. I have never seen anything so bad and gorging.
I do not recommend it for anybody. Please do me a favor and avoid this pile of donkey crap for miles.
You’re better of doing anything other than watching it.
But if you decide to do that than remember, those 24 minutes, you will never get them back. They will be gone… forever.

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