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Bubblegum Crash

Bubblegum Crash

Released Year : May 25, 1991 to December 21, 1991

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Mecha,Sci-Fi,Shounen

Plot : The saga of the Knight Sabers continues as the group tries to find out who or what is behind the recent string of robberies, murders, and Boomer malfunctions which are somehow related to the creation of an advanced artificial intelligence. Furthermore, it seems that the Knight Sabers may be breaking up. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : To speak frankly, one of the reasons that made me watch crisis, other than having the series in my want list since ages ago, was the fact that I had bought the DVD some time ago and it was getting old in the shelve.

With Crash we pick up again the series some months after the last episode and events of Crisis. It is now 2033 and Megatokyo has become more dangerous and AD Police is getting it’s hands tied because of political powers from above. The Saber Knights are nowhere to be found and the city is collapsing. Then… Naturally of course they’ll turn around again to save the day.

In these OVAs we had some improvements regarding the first OVA, like Nene, she’s pretty more dependable now than she ever was.
And also some bad points, while Nene became a dependable character, Priss on the other side, became a more shallow character, unfortunately.
There’s also the Seyuu of Priss, which was the best of the first OVA and here she had left the task to pursue her singing career leaving a new seyuu for the character, but she still managed to sing for the opening and ending songs of the anime, it was still pretty cool.

All in all it was a nice way to end the series. I’ve read before the two OVAs were intended to be a series, but I don’t know how they ended up being two OVAs instead. Perhaps they had lost some story in that transmission and some episodes didn’t went as well as others, but they’re still good episodes.

Rate; 7.0

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