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Break Blade 3: Kyoujin no Ato

Break Blade 3: Kyoujin no Ato

Released Year : September 25, 2010 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Fantasy,Mecha,Military,Shounen

Plot : Third Break Blade movie.

Our Review : As of this point, there's nothing much to talk about the art and soundtrack of the BB series. Along with my BB1 and BB2 review, it is easy to say that the art and soundtrack are both fantastic. It's logical to say that BB4 - BB6 should have the same artistic styles, opening themes and ending themes so as of this point, it's redundant to talk about these. Let's just focus on the story, characters and enjoyment to make this and future reviews concise and simple.

BB3 works well with incorporating a lot of flashbacks in order to support the character development. The story proceeds well with Rygart under the army to defend the kingdom of Hodr. It's quite understandable how Rygart became so powerful as he pilots his Under Golem. However, I'm not that impressed with the development of Cleo's character. It seems out of context and her fight scene in the badlands isn't believable. Well, she would get empowered by fury but I wouldn't expect for her to get THAT much power in her fighting. I see that as somewhat inconsistent in her character.

BB3 gives us a teaser to new characters and is not that engaging as the first two titles. However, the story and character development are still implemented well.

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