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Break Blade 2: Ketsubetsu no Michi

Break Blade 2: Ketsubetsu no Michi

Released Year : June 26, 2010 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Fantasy,Mecha,Military,Shounen

Plot : Second Break Blade movie.

Our Review : I'm sure that Break Blade will get better in the sequel OVAs, but the problem is, I can't get past this second one. The storyline is moving really slowly, and is littered with characters I couldn't care less about. The only somewhat satisfying moment so far has been when Lee killed herself.

I had my doubts from the moment I read the summary - I really hate stories where the main character stands out only because of his inability to do something that the general populace can. In Break Blade, the protagonist Rygart is unable to operate a type of magic that involves quartz (I don't really get it and it seems really lame, but so on). He got bullied in military school because of it boohoo, and somehow was able to become friends with the prince of the kingdom and the younger brother of the supreme commander in Athens just because of an awesome personality. I almost stopped watching at this point, but kept going.

They discover a type of mecha that doesn't activate for anyone with the ability to manipulate quartz magic. This was the only interesting part of the story for me - when Queen Forgettable wonders if this is because the mecha is designed to respond only to the descendants of their ancestors, and the people with magic are too different to be identified as a descendant.

Of course, Rygart gets in this. To give credit, I like how he doesn't enter Seed mode and become overpowered as soon as he gets in the cockpit. It takes him a while to learn the moves, and there are some interesting things like it can jump extremely high altitudes and accelerate rapidly.

But just when I thought there was so much promise, it all went downhill from there. The constant flashbacks to their academy days became dreary; all I got out of it was that Zess seemed to be nursing a man crush on Rygart and Queen Forgettable was just as forgettable back then too. Nice lingerie shot, but it was overtly obvious from the blatant ringless finger shots that she and her husband, King Black Guy, haven't been getting it on. My money is on her and Rygart getting together at the end. I don't care enough to keep watching however.

Moving on, the mecha fights were exceedingly irritating because everyone except people who've actually been named are (true, almost all battle anime are like this) pure fodder and can't seem to do anything except uselessly wave their weapon around a bit and then widen their eyes in terror at how much superior their enemies are.

But all this would be redeemable, if not for one thing. After 2 hours of idle chatter and moving around, Rygart finally sort of has the controls to his mecha down. He sort of starts to fight back against the bitch, but his battery (or whatever) runs out. Some other guy from the Queen comes to help him, and is about to shoot down the bitch - finally! - except Rygart stops him from shooting, spouting classic crap about how human life should be treasured and killing in wartime is never the right answer. Well, not quite that, but he might as well have been. And of course, the bitch gets her gun up and shoots the guy who helped him through the mecha. She's annoying, but at least she's got her priorities straight. Rygart goes very quiet and then goes back inside his mecha and throws his lance at her (there's nothing like hypocrisy to brighten up the mood!). It doesn't kill her (by this point I'm getting even more annoyed by how much screentime this bitch is getting) but she then finally shoots herself in the head.

The fact that that has been my favorite part of these first two OVAs so far speaks volumes.

I'm also sort of mad that the guy voicing Rygart is the same guy who voiced Kira Yamato. Why the hell is Rygart's voice so much more annoying?

To be fair, the artwork and the sound of Break Blade is FANTASTIC. Especially the OP for Break Blade is amazing, and I've already downloaded the mp3 for it illegally. But unfortunately, the story is so generic and lackluster that it feels wasted. I hope it gets better for the production crew's sake.

But I can't even finish the last 5 minutes of this OVA. I'm out, pce

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