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Brave 10

Brave 10

Released Year : January 8, 2012 to March 25, 2012

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Historical,Samurai,Seinen,Super Power

Plot : A young ninja named Saizo Kirigakure is trying to find meaning and direction in his life when he encounters Isanami, who is fleeing from assassins. He manages to save her life, and she then asks him to act as her bodyguard until she reaches her destination. When they arrive in the protected territory of Sanada, Saizo falls into a meeting with Sasuke Sarutobi, leader of the famed ninja group. Sanada has gathered these bold and talented ninjas together in order to bring an end to Japan's era of war. Meanwhile, Isanami's mysterious hidden power comes to light. (Source: NIS America)

Our Review : Well, at first sorry about my English and if there are any mistakes.

Brave 10 is a ninja shounen anime about Sanada Yukimura and his ten heroes.
I started to watch it becouse I like shounen, but I had not any big expectatives about it.
When I watch the firsts episodies, I thought:
-This is a fucking bishounen anime, man.
-The story is pretty bad...
-Why Isanami is so stupid?
Etc. But I didn't drop it. Why? Well, I say to you: this anime is bad. But it's not boring. There are some bad animes that when you are watching and episode you are praying for the end. Not in Brave 10. That's a good point.

Story: 4
The plot is simple and the development is very bad. All the anime Saizou is kicking asses with Isanami screaming "HELP ME SAIZOU!" and criying very loudly... While this they meet new characters that will be heroes too. That' s all.

Art: 8
The animation is good, so the fighting scenes are decent. The style is good too, but it doesn' t feel like a shounen anime (is more a choose-your-bishie style xD).

Sound: 7
The OST is good. It isn't a OST that I will listen in my MP4, but it is good to ambientation. The opening is fucking catching (xD).
One of the better points of this anime is the seiyuus. There are a lot a famous seiyuus in this anime (Ono Daisuke, Kamiya Hiroshi, etc.) so if you want to listen your favourites seiyuus this anime is a mine.

Character: 4
There are too many character for 12 episodies, and the most have no deep or development.
I like Sanada Yukimura and Nezu Jinpachi, but there are very bad characters. For example, Isanami is the typical Mary Sue. I prefer to not talk about Kamanosuke.
The only character that has a personality development is Saizou, but it' s a veeery typical development.

Enjoyment: 7
As I' ve said, the enjoyment is good. I prefer the bad, simple animes that are not boring than bad, strange and stupid animes that pretend to be "deep" and they are only boring.
Brave 10 is not a masterpiece, but at least is fun to see.

Overall: 5
Brave 10 is a 4 anime, but I give it a 5 for the enjoyment. So, I don' t recomend this to you if you aren' t:
-A fangirl.
-A shounen/ninja anime super lover.

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