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Bloody Date

Bloody Date

Released Year : October 24, 2013 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Horror

Plot : Sometimes a date goes horribly wrong. A young couple ventures out on their first date only to be interrupted by a rude axe-murderer. The girl escapes to a house but her nightmare has only just begun...

Our Review : I gave the sound a 1 because it's a silent film and there really is nothing to rate, but that really doesn't effect how much I liked it. It probably has the most plot out of Takena's films. I have said this a billion times, and I will say it again- I love Takena's style. A bloody little story that is definatly worth watching, and quite interesting. The character's don't have much personality, but I rated them 7 for designs. I enjoyed this quite abit. While there isn't much to say, it's definatly something you should watch.

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