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Blood: The Last Vampire

Blood: The Last Vampire

Released Year : November 18, 2000 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Horror,Supernatural,Vampire

Plot : Teropterids are evil beasts which pose as humans and live only to drink human blood. Fortunately for the human world there are groups dedicated to destroying them. A brooding and mysterious girl named Saya is the best teropterid slayer there is, and now, in 1960's Japan, she is sent to a U. S. army base which may be infested... (Source: ANN)

Our Review : This is a great anime for vampire lovers. The ending as is to be expected is pretty open-ended, although Blood+ can give you an additional fill if you want.

Over all this OVA excells. The story is so well-written, it might not have that much in the way of character development due to how short it is, but the way they present the vampires is very believable, the director himself stating how he wanted to present vampires as in-between evolution, something few anime do, or overdue as is the case of Trinity Blood, where there is evolution, but it is accompanied with near magical powers. Blood has none of this. The transformations are gruesome, and the end result a bat-like creature not unlike the one found in Batman. This is why the story and animation are great, they pull out all the stops to present this version of chiropterans (vampires) as something that might indeed exist.

The main character is silent, so in terms of sound there isn't much to say about her, but the screams of the chiropterans can be to some bone chilling, and the dialogue wastes no time ensnaring you in the story, with pretty well cast voice actors, and an ocassional scene thrown in to leave you confused and wanting more, you'll know when and if you have seen it, particularly towards the end.

Excellent story, inspired artwork, great battle scenes and loads of vampire goodness make this a must see for anyone into vampire or horror anime

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