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Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter

Released Year : 2012

No of Episodes : 8 (Completed)

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Rating: 7.5/10 (325 votes cast)

Genre : Action, Drama

Plot : Mato Kuroi just got into junior high school, and on the first day, someone catches her eye; her classmate Yomi Takanashi. The two meet.The innocent and naive Mato. The mature Yomi. Seemingly opposites, but the time they spend together only strengthens a growing friendship. But as they go into their second year at the school, they get placed in separate classes, and they begin to grow apart. But somewhere simultaneously... In another world, a young girl, blue fire residing in her eyes, Black Rock Shooter faces another young girl; this one holding a jet-black scythe, Dead Master, and a battle to the death begins to unfold.

Our Review : Black Rock Shooter Overall is one of the better animes of this year. This series shines through its short, great action sequences and well played out character conflicts. The series is a spin-off but it also uses the same characters from the OVA. The only real flaw of this series is the story. It flows through character Arc's similar to a manga series. Although understandable it's very confusing at time.

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  1. hey whats the song name I HAVE TO KNOW its so awsome please tell me

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  2. also great job on the review

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  3. When I first saw the pciture for this anime, I was like: Is that Hastune Miku?!! From Vocaloid? But after watching some vids, turns out it isn’t….

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