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Black Jack

Black Jack

Released Year : December 21, 1993 to December 16, 2011

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Drama

Plot : In the medical profession, there is a name spoken in hushed tones, of an unlicensed genius physician who can save lives—for a price. His name is Black Jack, and he is a dashing, moody figure, caped in black, a Harlock of medicine, a man who lives by no rules other than his own—and the Hippocratic Oath. A man who would defy the will of God himself in the name of preserving life. (Source: AnimeNfo)

Our Review : Well as you probably already know from reading the above summary, this anime is all about the unlicensed surgeon named "Black Jack."

While this anime does show its age when compared to other series, its story is something that is truly a breath of fresh air to say the least. The surgeries themselves are pretty detailed and will especially appeal to those that have an interest in the medical field, yet are not overly graphic like you would expect. (though it does still stay true to its mature rating to be sure)

The character design is good and well detailed, you can tell the artists really wanted to try and draw as realistic human characters as possible. The soundtrack did not fair as well though, other than the opening theme, the music is pretty forgettable. Each episode begins with Black Jack getting a call from a random patient in need, and so the story goes. Which indecently is this series weakest point, each story plays out and concludes at the end. While it is very entertaining to watch, those that are looking for a deep storyline and plot twists, won't find it with these OVAs. The medical problems that he counters with each patient range from the the super natural. Which also may be a turn off to some people, as not all cases are realistic.

Even so, if you are looking for a different style of anime with a refreshing change of pace, Black Jack may just be what the doctor ordered!

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