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Black Cat Special

Black Cat Special

Released Year : July 26, 2006 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Comedy,Shounen

Plot : Black Cat DVD only episode.

Our Review : I'm writing a review because there doesn't seem to be one for this one episode that is usually bunched up with the anime when you download it. This comes off as quite confusing because it tries to tell you what was going on during certain parts of the main story while trying to be separate at the same time.

It just kept switching to different parts to explain things, but at that point? I didn't care because the story was so far along in the main series that it shouldn't matter anymore unless you really think it was plotholes.

That's what this anime seems like a plothole anime. I feel this episode should have been somewhere in the middle.

The answers you are looking for for plotholes in the anime are explained in this episode, but it's a little....pointless? I don't know.

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