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Black Blood Brothers

Black Blood Brothers

Released Year : September 8, 2006 to November 24, 2006

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Action,Comedy,Fantasy,Shounen,Supernatural,Vampire

Plot : Ten years after the Holy War in Hong Kong, Mochizuki Jirou, aka the Silver Blade, and the lone hero who fought and defeated the Kowloon Children despite the loss of his lover, returns to Japan with his young brother, Mochizuki Kotarou. The two quickly discover that the Kowloon Children who survived the Holy War are seeking to infiltrate the "Special Zone" ,a thriving city protected by an invisible barrier that will not allow Kowloon Children entrance, unless they're invited. Red Bloods refers to the humans; Black Bloods are the vampires, and the Mochizuki Brothers are Old Blood, the last descendants of an elite clan of vampires. When Kotarou is abducted by one of the Kowloon Children, Jirou has no choice but to fight once more. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Look lets get one thing straight. Vampires have had a strange run recently, with Twilight fans sweeping the entire nation, and to be honest I don't understand why it's so good. Another thing, vampire anime aren't exactly my favorite thing either, it's safe to say that they're not for everyone and I am one of those people who just doesn't understand why they're so good.
Now though, I think I understand why people like them so much a bit better.

Black Blood Brothers story is interesting to say the least. Rather than follow a strict pattern of sticking to one story, leave flashbacks for later, episodes consist of two stories. One is a very interesting backstory showing the main character Giro 100 years prior to the events of the main story, the other (the main story) takes place after the opening credits have roled. It can be a tad confusing at times and you won't understand eveything thats going on until round about the 4th episode. But when you do finally realize what is going on you also realize that you get two very different stories. One is a love story, the other is a story of brotherhood and revenge (kind of) there both interesting, however some people may have preferred to find out Giro's backstory in one episode rather than the 12 little snippets at the beginning of each one, it's possible considering there not actually that long to begin with. Yet despite this both stories retain the viewers interest, if it was executed a little better though it would have been astounding.

Despite the story issues, the show itself is very good to look at, even if some of the characters do look a bit odd, they never look out of place, all the characters are interesting and despite the sometimes repetitive look of all the buildings and surroundings, the great look of each character makes you forget this most of the time.

The soundtrack is an intresting mix of rock and classical music, it suits the show very well and there's nothing quite like it. Voice acting is also top notch and to be quite honest, I actually preferred to watch it dubbed than subbed. If every part of the series was like this it would be a masterpiece. As it is the soundtrack really stands out.

As mentioned before, the main story is about brotherhood and even though the relationship between Giro and Kotaro isn't a patch on the Elric brothers realtionship, it's decent enough to be fairly believable. The rest of the characters are all good and (perhaps this is a good thing) even though there's very few overly sad scenes meant to pull on your heartstrings, when there is, the characters show a teeny bit of extra depth and believabilty. The relationships between certain characters could be better, yet there good enough to watch.

despite minor story issues, it's probably them that make you want to finish the series in the first place, to fully understand Giro's story, his relationship with characters, the secrets that he's hiding. It's really interesting to watch and pulls you back in for more, even if the show is only 12 episodes long. You'll really like it.

Even with minor story issues, and some odd characters, the world of Black Blood Brothers is a show that's both interesting and gripping.

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