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Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Rock Shooter

Released Year : June 13, 2008 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Music

Plot : The official music video that eventually spawned the entire Black Rock Shooter franchise. Inspired by the first official illustration by huke, the song was composed by ryo of supercell, illustrated by huke and sung by Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid's main character.

Our Review : Hatsune Miku strikes again, but not with a leek; a music video, albeit with a darker and more ominous sort of tone. I've always loved Miku; that's actually how I was introduced into the world of animated characters and such. The strange, mellifluous flowing of Miku's electronic voice always appealed to me, and here it sounded strangely lucid and creepy. Since this technically isn't an anime and simply the precursor to the OVA and the new show itself, this review isn't going to be long.

Story: Sounds depressing. Miku really belts out a sad lament. That's really it.

The art was colorful (yet dark) and the swirling eddies of blue and black really added to the tone of the overall music. Miku, portrayed sort of a damsel in distress, is drawn dark and foreboding, smooth lines yet jagged edges.

Character: What character development really was there? It was simply Miku singing the entire time. I've never reviewed something with no characters.....Still, this was simply an advertisement for the OVA and now TV show. So yea, the lone and only character was fantastic. After all, it was only 5 minutes...

Overall, I since it's Miku, I loved it. However, not all of us are fans - therefore, you may find this boring or uneventful or stupid. For me, this was a nice little break from my other anime series, and an enjoyable one at that.

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