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Binzume Yousei

Binzume Yousei

Released Year : October 3, 2003 to December 26, 2003

No of Episodes : 13

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Genre : Comedy,Fantasy,Magic,Slice of Life

Plot : Kururu, Chiriri, Sarara, and Hororo are four little fairies that live inside bottles on their “Sensei”’s desk. Together, they have misadventures trying to understand the human world, seeking advice from the totally misinformed grade schooler next door. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Bottle Fairy is all about going through each day and experiencing things. Four faeries want to become human but in order to do so they first need to understand what it means to be human. And so they take help from their human friend and Sensei to start their training.
This series goes through the Japanese calender and bring up traditions and folklore. It is very funny most of the time as the different personalities of the faeries and the way they interpret situations vary a great deal. This, combined with the fact that the episodes are in a short format, about 11 minutes when neglecting opening and ending animation, make this series really worthwhile when you have a short opening in the schedule and want to have a good laugh at the same time. And ofcourse the faeries are so cute that you wish them luck all the way to "adulthood".

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