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Binetsu Shoukougun

Binetsu Shoukougun

Released Year : February 14, 1997 to January 23, 1998

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Some of life's lessons, tuition just can't buy! The beautiful Miss Mizuki works at a private college, counseling students and teachers alike. With student after student confiding in her, telling of their secret passions and erotic escapades, nurse Mizuki has a hard time controlling herself!

Our Review : Haha, they should make more of these things. Slight Fever Syndrome is one of those rare crossbreeds between hentai and erotic comedy. A veteran viewer like me is set to expect ecchi in erotic comedies but not sex. Or sex in hentais without much effort to make a good story or an interesting cast. This is where titles like this one come to fill the void.

If it was one of the two and not both, it would be nothing to pay attention to. For you see, on their own the elements of each category feel dry and simple. By combining them here, you get a wonderful experience.

For starters, the animation is very crude. Feels like a series made in the late 80’s, with poor movements, low details, few lightning effects and characters with huge eyes and tiny mouths. Think of a poorer version of Sailor Moon to get the image. In this section I must say the title fails to deliver on its own as it looks more comical than sexual. But then again, it does feel great when one moment they are doing slapstick jokes full of deformity and sweat drops and the immediate next they are having sex. You don’t expect to see that with such style and feels really surprising when it actually happens. Still, beyond this shock effect, the animation remains poor in terms of details and shading. On the other hand it uses some really neat cinematics, like a glass falling and breaking on the floor when someone is shocked or a woman getting with a man for the first time to be represented with the blooming of flowers. The series is full of those; so anything it misses on presentation, it covers for it in aesthetics.

Sound is almost unfitting half the time. It feels ok for a silly slapstick comedy, full of funny tunes and cartoon sounds. This is maintained even during the sex scenes, so you think it is supposed to be more funny than erotic. And perhaps it is as most sex scenes begin with a joke. The characters speak in a relaxed manner but have so perky voices that they are generally pleasing. Plus, they keep mentioning naughty things like their preferences in bed, their expectations from their boyfriends and how forward are youths for doing it from a young age and all over the place. All these things work as both comical and as foreplay before the main course… which by the way ain’t that great as sex but as a comical conclusion to a situation. So, like the animation, it lacks quality but it delivers passion.

The story and the characters are hit or miss. Hentai hardly offer personalities, comedies hardly offer development. This title on the other hand offers both albeit in small portions. The story is about the sexual adventures of a school nurse. Before you jump to the conclusion she is a slut seducing boys, I ensure you she is nothing but that. She is actually quite passive in comparison to the girls that tell her sexual stories or her fellow teacher for being bisexual. So, the story is about her trying to get a man, while helping other students with their problems. It is all very comical and it resolves to having sex as means to feel emotionally better. Ok, not the smartest of stories around but still, it is quite rare to see people in hentai to try to talk about their problems, have everyday jobs, and confess their feelings all with a hint of romance and a lot of humor. So, both characters and story become nice for being honest to themselves and not just some stupid excuse for sex or pantsu shots.

In all, this title is better seen as an erotic comedy than as a hentai. The sex itself is quite dry and it is the humorous foreplay that leads to it the most interesting part. It is a generally pleasing title but it won’t blow your minds away… Still, very refreshing as a brake from all those identical harems and hentais.

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