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Ben-To Picture Drama

Ben-To Picture Drama

Released Year : December 21, 2011 to May 16, 2012

No of Episodes : 6

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Genre : Comedy

Plot : Picture dramas from the DVD/BDs.

Our Review : I started looking into this special shortly after finishing the series hoping to get a little more content in before officially moving away from Ben-To.
I very much enjoyed the series and had good expectations for this special, but was gravely disappointed with what I got from it.

You begin this special with Ume's bit on photos taken of her during a sports event. As expected of an elitist personality, you will see her in her usual mood as she discovers suggestive shots of nothing but her when a photographer was instructed to take pictures of a sports event for the school. She is harsh, snaps in her usual way and gives off the vibe that you are nothing more than a piece of shit. She basically does nothing but drag this on in a 7 minute duration. A slight twist does come in toward the end, but nothing to make up for what was already a plain and uninteresting series of events from the start. If you were not a big fan of Ume, unless it was in a yuri scene, you may dislike her even more in this special.

The next part consists of ramblings from Oshiroi and her yaoi-filled fantasies of Satou. While it was definitely enjoyable seeing her go into that crazed state when she starts digging into her novel, this kind of thing can only be enjoyed for a short time, and attempting to drag it out through a period of 8 minutes can very easily tone down whatever it had going for it initially. There will be times where she changes her tone and livens up the atmosphere for a short period of time, but the moments in between were just too long to enjoy something like this.

I would only recommend this to you if you had a strong desire to hear more of Ochiroi's voice or maybe a few insults and beatings from Ume. But don't have the train of thought I did and expect some kind of fight scene or possibly some ecchi fanservise, it just isn't there.

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