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Battle Spirits: Ryoko no Ken

Battle Spirits: Ryoko no Ken

Released Year : December 23, 1993 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Comedy,Shounen

Plot : After events involving a home invasion, a house cat, an ancient artifact, and an unpaid electrical bill, martial artist Ryo Sakazaki and his best friend Robert Garcia must fight their way into the Southtown underworld to save Ryo's sister Yuri from the crimelord known as Mr. Big.

Our Review : This one-series OVA is based on the old Art of Fighting beat-them-up game, which later became part of the King Of Fighters franchise. The game wasn’t very good and its adaptation into anime ain’t much either.

Aged graphics and run-down colors are the trademark of the OVA. The characters look uninteresting and their movements are quite fake. Explosions are very poor and action scenes are very reminiscent of American action b-movies. At least, there are several moves from the game in it and gives a little treat to all those who played the game.

Not much of voice acting or music, we just have boring and clished dialogues about fighting, saving a girl and making money. Music themes are variations of the those in the game.

Just a pathetic little story about two friends trying to save a chick from criminals. The police is involved and there is a precious diamond around for flavor but they don’t really help to make the crappy story any better.

Brainless men fighting over a diamond and a helpless girl, is all there is to it. No personality or character development actually exists in 40 minutes. Less interesting than in the game; they were quite the sons of bitches there. The two protagonists are cardboard idiots and the villain Mr. Big is just an unimportant criminal. The epic atmosphere of the game is not there and ruins any liking you may have had for them.

A pathetic and pointless OVA that offers no real enjoyment; not even to the fans. Rewatchability is practically zero.

VERDICT: 2.5 / 10
After watching the 500 episodes of the Dragonball trilogy and all its movies, my expectations in fighting anime have gotten up. This is still stuck to the bottom.


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