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Battle Programmer Shirase

Battle Programmer Shirase

Released Year : October 4, 2003 to January 4, 2004

No of Episodes : 15

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Genre : Comedy,Ecchi,Sci-Fi

Plot : Battle Programmer Shirase, also known as BPS, is a free programmer with super hacking abilities who doesn't work for money. What he does work for is certainly something that only people like him would appreciate. But, his demeanor certainly doesn't suit the jobs he is hired for. With the evil King of America causing trouble via the internet, Shirase is nothing but busy as each new adventure brings even more interesting people into the picture. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : This series are entertaining, the most interesting part is making a story about a programmer and his works in a fun way.
The story is a little of suspense, a little of romance, a few of fanservice and a lot of comedy, the fun part is how he manipulates the computers be by PC or cell phone by its programming to help the people hiring him in turn but instead of asking for money for his services he asks for very rare gadgets or nerd items.

Not the best anime I've seen but more entertaining than most anime that had come out in last years mostly because the concept and idea of the story is a little more original and each episode you'll be expecting in what kind of situation he will be and how he'll overcome it.

By the way the lolicon factor comes by the character Misao whom the protagonist has a "very close" relation, and if you didn't notice or didn't know Misao come from another not very related series, Pretty Sammy from the Tenchi Muyô universe you can tell by watching the character designs.

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