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Bakuretsu Tenshi: Infinity

Bakuretsu Tenshi: Infinity

Released Year : March 23, 2007 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Comedy,Mecha,Sci-Fi,Shounen

Plot : These events occur in Westland, New York, during the 21st century. With a sharp knife, a murderer is indiscriminately killing people… A girl witnesses one of these murders, and the knife is turned on the helpless girl shaking with fear. Meg returns to this town with Joe to celebrate the “birthday” of Shirley, who used to live with Meg. Orphans, they had decided that the day they first met would be her birthday. In the past, Meg had taken care of three little children, including Shirley, just before meeting Joe. The children were then adopted by a police officer, Sam. He possessed a strong sense of justice and they are supposedly living happily together now. Meg and Joe happen to help a person and receive a reward. They buy a present for Shirley with the reward money and go to meet Sam. However, they notice him acting strangely. Upon questioning him, he explains that Shirley was assaulted by a murderer and seriously injured. Joe says to the grieving and angry Meg, “Let's exact revenge on the murderer for Shirley.” However, the murderer gradually approaches them from behind. The cruel black eyes fall on Meg and Joe… To make matters worse, a dark plot casts its shadow over Meg, Joe, Sam, and the whole town. (Source: AnimeNfo)

Our Review : My brother already Loves Jo. It just's I was shocked that it was that demon guy trying to take over Japan and Its Community. I didn't like him one bit. I love Meg, she might not have correct experience, but at least she got a great target to the guy. My brother loves Jo,and her tattoos. He really loves her wings. Shes a She Devil towards other demons awhile she watches horror films with Vampires,Zombies,etc. I mean this was before the first season happened. I sorta had a feeling, but eh the movie is still good to watch though. I even found out how Jo's hair got shorter to, Jo came and the bad guy cut it by half.

I hope for the best in the author's hands to make a new season. They should put more value towards it. Jo and Meg did something good for the towns people and for Dorothy's father of course for destroying that demon dude. He was to evil, even in his own mind, he looked very mental and unstable to control.

I liked everything especially the art and music. Lastly Meg dyes her hair as well.

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