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Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders

Released Year : May 23, 2010 to January 29, 2011

No of Episodes : 39

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Game,Shounen

Plot : Dan, Marucho, and Shun get caught up in a war between two different alien factions in another universe, and teaming up with three new brawlers: the Neathian, Fabia, the new human, Jake, and the Gundalian, Ren, in order to stop the evil Gundalian Protectors, the Twelve Orders from destroying Neathia, and possibly, Earth. They meet these people by them entering through the virtual reality Bakugan Interspace. The stakes are high! Will the Battle Brawlers triumph, saving the Bakugan once more? (Source: Bakugan Wikia)

Our Review : Ok so this is my first review ever!I decited to make it on Bakugan Season three because I really need to express my opinion on it!Don't kill me, but it may sound a little harsh!

Story 4/10
The story is almost the same as the previous season! Dan,Marucho and Shun have to be the big heroes and save the world AGAIN! With tons of boring battles and explosions AGAIN,in the past seasons they at least were a little better!And AGAIN there's some crazy guy (now a wacky alien) trying to destroy the world AND to make things even worse they OVER DO IT WITH THE FANTASY!
The main idea of Bakugan was how kids battle with creatures called Bakugan using cards on Earth,nothing more nothing less, and later they have to save the Bakuagn's homeworld, BUT then they started ruining this idea with the sequels- OVERDOING THE FANATSY,ADDING UNNEEDED BATTLE GEAR TO THE BAKUGAN,CHANGING THE WHOLE Atmosphere of the show!

Art 2/10
Same art, with not even a little improvement!

Sound 3/10
Nothing changed!Even the opening's the same!

Characters 4/10
Oh this is also one epic FAIL! One of this "natural" things that is done in bakugan is switching three of the six main heroes,leaving Marucho,Dan and Shun and three new characters every season.(Plus in my opinion every season, excluding the Season one ,is a little sexist, because from 6 main heroes only one is female).And leaving the old ones without a trace!This time the new characters are all Failed!The authors are obviously trying to give them the personality traits of the old ones AND also add new ones,which ruins the characters!I'll give you an example -the new Subterra character Jake has some personality traits like Baron from seasons two,but they are made so annoying that you just wanna switch the channel when watching.Phabia, the new female characters,is supposed to have the traits of toughness that Mira,Julie and Runo from the past seasons have, but is also given too much and made annoying!The character development isn't very big,still it's so-so good!The villains are all crazy,lusty aliens that shout nothing more than I want power or I'll take over the world or aaaaa!

Enjoyment 5/10
The enjoyment depends on your preferences for a story and character! Altrough if you've watched the previous seasons, you won't like this one very much.And if you haven't watched the prequels you might not get some of the parts!

Overall 4/10
This is (from the four current seasons) the worst Bakugan season!

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