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Baccano! Specials

Baccano! Specials

Released Year : February 27, 2008 to May 28, 2008

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Action,Comedy,Historical,Seinen,Supernatural

Plot : Three DVD-only episodes made from the light novels, which flesh out characters and plot events from the original series and establish closure to the story as Carol and the Vice President return to New York.

Our Review : Ah~ A continuation of one of the best series' out there.

Story: 10/10
Basically, this OVA picks up RIGHT where Baccano left off, showing the outside story of Graham Spector, and his plot to capture Eve Genoard. His plan however, is ruined with the showing of.... Claire. Its a story that really wasn't needed, but all the more enjoyable to watch play out.

Art: 10/10
Hasn't changed from the original series, which I am grateful for. Usually, more than often, the OVA art changes dramatically compared to the original series. This didn't. the art was unchanged and still very well detailed as it should be.

Sound: 10/10
Same kind of jazzy BGM fitting well with the time period. With the introduction of a new character (Graham Spector), we got a new voice, Tomokazu Sugita. With him, in the English dub, you get to hear Chris butcher a Chicago accent, along with an evil type of voice. This played out very well, and I liked listening to Graham in English WAY more than in Japanese. Sorry Sugita. The them song weren't any different, and I still think the ending song does NOT fit the series well.

Character: 10/10
The reason why I loved the OVA a lot, was because of Graham. To see a back story on just him, and him more in the story, would have been amazing. He quickly became my favorite character, witch his insane POV on the world, and bipolar thoughts. We also go to see more of Claire, who wasn't killing anyone... Wait. That's a lie. He wasn't killing AS much as he was in the original series. He definitely changed, from a homicidal maniac to someone in.... ahem... LOVE. It was a strange change yet hysterical at the same time. I just wish Graham was in the original series a lot more. :

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10
Seeing as it wasn't much of a change from the original series, I loved it just as much. With Graham, I think I like the OVA just a smidgen more. If you like Baccano, definitely continue the series by watching the OVAs. Its soooooo worth it.

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