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Atarashii Sekai

Atarashii Sekai

Released Year : March 5, 2008 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Music

Plot : Official animated video to the Asian Kung-Fu Generation song "Atarashii Sekai" from their fourth album, World World World.

Our Review : Atarashii Sekai is an amazing sound. The sound has more of a "pop/rock" sound compared to that of the earlier works of Asian Kung-Fu Generation, but it's defietley amazing. The song itself is a very fast pace, up-beat song that gets you moving and excited when listening to it. It is a very original song that has both meaning and melody to it while continuing at a fast pace through out the entire song. The music video makes it that much better. The music video, like the majority of Ajikans PVs are very original and fun to watch. Though, unlike their earlier PVs, the PV to Atarashii Sekai is fully animated. The art work is very colorful, and extremely unique and the artist who drew the art work is amazing. This is definely a must listen/see to any Ajikan fan who has not heard or seen it before. The music video is amazing to watch, and the song will make you want to get up and dance, though you will try to resist the urge in order to finish watching the amazing music video that represents it.

If you have not seen the PV nor listened to the song, I suggest you go do that now. It's definetly worth it.

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