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Asura Cryin’ 2

Asura Cryin’ 2

Released Year : October 1, 2009 to December 24, 2009

No of Episodes : 13

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Genre : Action,Mecha,Supernatural

Plot : Following the first season, Tomoharu is now faced with a dilemma: if he doesn't form a contract with an "akuma", he risks losing his dear friend Takatsuki. However, doing so would compromise his own existence as it would result in him and his ghost friend Misao becoming an Asura Cryin'—mankind's biggest threat, according to their school's presidents. To make the decision even harder, Tomoharu and Misao have recovered some of their past memories—memories of a world that they didn't even know existed.

Our Review : I'm just going to start off with saying that you HAVE to watch the first season. And all of the second season. Almost everything gets explained by the end, but til then you will be completely lost and wish that someone would just sit the MC (and us) down and take 10 min. to explain stuff to him.

I give this show massive props for having the story it wants to tell and using almost the entire 2 seasons to tell it. Far far less filler episodes than most series, and a VERY twisty plot that keeps throwing new ideas and curveballs at you. I greatly enjoyed it. This show also has a complete ending as well, not just one thrown in because they weren't getting another season. Yes it's a happy ending, bite me I love those :)

I wasn't a big fan of how they designed the characters. It grew on me by the end, but randomly I'll be drawn out of the show just because of the art. Rest of it's fine with some great action scenes here and there.

I liked the OP. Rest of it wasn't bad. I found all the characters voices to match their personalities/art style anyways.

Not bad at all. Nice little romantic triangle going on with MC, ghost girl, and demon girl, but it's not the focus of the series. MC is moderately useless but he's got lots of strong girls to protect him (I *guess* he's controlling the mech, but he seems to be just shouting it's name usually). Not a perv and will stand up for things so not bad. Doesn't really change much through the show, it's more overcoming his ignorance than character growth. Main 2 girls had distinct personalities and I liked em. Lots of side characters, but none felt like they were just thrown in there really. More importantly none irritated me which was rather refreshing (MC's best male friend is usually the guilty party in most of these shows).

I really liked it. Crazy story, fun light romance, some humor, ok action, kept me entertained. Plenty of shows I loved more, but this is the only one I've felt the need to write a review for (it being confusing as heck and wanting to get my thoughts down I think lol).

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