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Astro Boy (1980)

Astro Boy (1980)

Released Year : October 1, 1980 to December 23, 1981

No of Episodes : 52

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Mecha,Sci-Fi,Shounen

Plot : Creating a robotic boy in the image of his recently deceased son Tobio, Professor Tenma thought nothing could go wrong now that his beloved child had been "reborn"... that is, until he comes to realize that this invention could never replace his son. Before long, however, the robot is kidnapped and spirited away to a robot circus in America, where he is soon rescued by Dr. Ochanomizu, and taken into his care. Tobio is given the new name Tetsuwan Atom, and transforms into Japan's crime-fighting hero, although his anti-violent pacifist views and overall childlike naivety tend to clash with his battles often. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : I never intended to watch this series when I first got into to Astroboy; but I caught a glimpse of the series on youtube and from then on I was hooked. My liking for the 1980's series of Astroboy is from its sheer uniqueness. It features the same story telling element of the 1963 series, but with a more dominant futuristic setting, such as in the 2003 series. Not known by many, the 1980 series was broadcast in the US in 1982. The recent DVD release features a combination of the Japanese Kanji character opening and closing sequences, along with the original english dub from 1982. The over-all presentation of the series is excellent. As a fan of old-school anime, this is definitely one of my favorite series, and I recommend it for any other old-school anime fans.

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