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Arei no Kagami

Arei no Kagami

Released Year : March 16, 1985 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Sci-Fi

Plot : The story follows Daichi Meguru and Mayu, a young boy and a pilot, as they flee their war torn planet and into space. Upon their ship a stowaway android named Zero joins their quest as they travel through Halley's Mirror. (Source: Wikipedia)

Our Review : History.
The action takes place in the future. Two character named Maya and Meguro, travel in space. But suddenly they find on their ship a hostile robot-androyd who wants to capture this ship. After a while, they realize that they have nothing to share, and they have one common goal - they want to find the edge of the universe. And so our heroes fly to a distant planet Arey to find the trurh.

What immediately caught my eye it's the most stupid expressions on the faces of the protagonists. Perhaps the only exception is cute inhabitant of the planet Arey which instead face was imprinted heart (and it looks like suspiciously a cartoon character Valley). To be honest, I was expecting much worse. Cartoon scored a good panache for these years, and even there are computer graphics, but the plot came out mediocre, you can even say it was weak. The chip that "it's all a dream / vision" disappointed. Pleased that no one still has not died. This futuristic philosophy work demonstrates the different points of view on issues of morality, religion, truth, the essence of human life.

In general, the product of a single view. It will not please everyone.

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