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Another: The Other – Inga

Another: The Other – Inga

Released Year : May 26, 2012 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Horror,Mystery,Thriller

Plot : Episode 0 bundled with the 0th limited-edition volume of Kiyohara Hiro's manga adaptation of Ayatsuji Yukito's horror novel Another.

Our Review : Anothers prequel is definatly only a piece that will appeal to those who loved the series, it moves at it's own pace showing a Misaki Mei and Yomiyama we haven't really seen in the main series, one unclouded by fear and death.

Note that while there are no major plot expositions to be found here, i would personally judge this prequel to be spoilerific enough that people who haven't yet watched the main series may want to watch that first.

The events of this anime move somewhat slowly from the beginning, we are shown the relationship between the 2 Misakis, heavily interspersed with Fanservice(significantly more than the main series ever demonstrated and much less subtly). From the midpoint it picks up a little in pace, however ultimatly the most you will likely get out of this OVA is some small fanservice and a few tidbits of information that weren't properly explained in the original series

The art remains as good as it does in the main series, there isn't anything special to really set it apart from it's parent

The sound is good, though the errie and oppresive ambient sounds and creepy music of it's parent are toned back here, especially early on in which the music is largely peaceful or missing altogether, it's towards the end that the creepiness of the music slowly starts to work it's way in nicely giving the effect of a change from a peaceful beginning transitioning in to the events of the main series


There is some character development for both Misakis which fans will appreciate, however little more

Enjoyment- 6

As someone who enjoyed much of the original series greatly the best term I can give to describe this OVA would be "Sufficient". There was just enough little tidbits of information, fanservice and even a cheeky tease that I didn't find it unenjoyable.

Overall - 7

It's fair to say most fans millages with this will vary greaty, some will find it an abysmal waste of their time, or be greatly dissapointed with it's choice of content. Others may think it a fine add on to the main series. Ultimately on it's own this OVA fails to be satisfying however as with the background lore of a video game or the notes of an author that were never published if you're willing to set aside a little time to peruse it you'll find some small bits of information that might interest you.

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