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Aniyome wa Ijippari

Aniyome wa Ijippari

Released Year : April 18, 2008 to June 20, 2008

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Based on the game by Tinker Bell. Tsutomu's parents passed away several years ago, before that they ran a flower shop. Now it's run by his older brother's wife, Mai and he is living with them. Tsutomu's brother now works somewhere else, so Mai is left alone and her only support is Tsutomu, who helps her running the flower shop. Because Tsutomu's brother is busy and haven't been home for a while, Mai feels very lonely which Tsutomu notices and decides to support and satisfy Mai while his brother is away. Now there's also Kozue, Mai's friend and senpai who recently got hired as part-time worker. Kozue has noticed Tsutomu and Mai's relationship and she envies them because she is also very lonely, because her husband is rarely home. Mai sympathizes with Kozue and allows her to date Tsutomu. Now what will happen as these three indulge themselves to their desires and feelings? (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : ART & SOUND SECTION: 7/10 [-Oh, look at the pretty flowers! – This is porn, damn it! Look at the naked chicks!]
- Heck, way better than your average treatment. Since the title is based on an h-game, there are lovely visuals everywhere. Especially the flower shop decoration is amazing. The outlines of the objects are thin, the proportions remain constant, the camera angles have variety and the colors are pleasing to the eye. The character figures don’t look that great as the faces have a stupid, childish look on them. But hey, women’s bodies are as hot as they supposed to be and the series manages to tease us a bit before undressing them. More focus is given on arousing looks and poses rather than naked bodies pumping oil.
- The sound department feels so good only because of the visuals. Voice acting is generally good and low-toned elegiac tunes provide a good company in the non-sex scenes.

STORY & CHARACTER SECTION: 4/10 (spoiler alert!) [Women don’t have brains in hentai.]
- Most hentai employ a specific sexual fetish and this title is not an exception. In this case, it is lonely wives. A married woman is left alone as her husband works away. So, she does the most reasonable thing and seduces her husband’s brother. Seeing her best friend also having the same problem, she comes to the logical conclusion of offering her new lover to her. And when she sees that her friend is taking up all the fun time with her lover she gets pissed and does another logical thing with her ungrateful friend. The three of them have non-stop orgies, filled with bondage and slave training. Every person would have done the same in their place…
- Ok, irony aside, the story and the characters suck! Women are presented as brainless, watermelon-breasted bimbos that screw anyone they meet when they feel bored. Males on the other hand are presented as dorks that get seduced by a simple stroke on their penis and agree to do anything women ask them to do afterwards. To tell the truth, there are wonderful slice-of-life scenes in a flower shop and during a nighttime date. Unfortunately, this is not a social series and the coloring it offers to its characters gets trashed the moment they say “Well, I had a lovely time with you today … Let’s *uck now!”
- In all, I did like the characters and the story during those everyday moments. But the rest of it was just ridiculous seductions and illogical decisions that led to sex. Not very good.

VALUE SECTION: 4/10 [-How much for these azaleas, sir? – A blowjob and a titi-*uck, bitch!]
Nah, the story, the plot and even the sex were very reminiscent of a hundred other hentai I know of. It does win points for the lovely atmosphere but is not a title I would ever watch again.

ENJOYMENT SECTION: 7/10 [The idea of having two women going crazy over me, without even moving my pinky is very pleasing.]
Although the sex scenes were far from original, I must say that they were quite pleasing. There were no weird deformations and the camera angles were nice. I also found those slice-of-life moments quite relaxing before the “main dish”. So, yes, it is a generally enjoyable watch for a porn title.

VERDICT: 5.5 / 10
If only lonely women were so easy, nobody would go to jail for adultery. If this were enough for making a successful porn title, most men would still be fiddling Victoria’s Secret catalogues. REJECTED!

Hatsu Inu and Sex Friend easily beat this one.

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