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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

Released Year : December 16, 2006 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Kids,Slice of Life

Plot : Ai is a self-reliant girl that moves to Animal Village. She makes friends with the various villagers as she settles into the village. One night as she walked along the beach, she finds a message in the bottle. It sets her off on a quest of planting pine trees around the village to fulfill a miracle on the eve of the Winter Festival. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : My first review, please bear with me.

I didn't even know there was an anime adaption of Animal Crossing before I came across it on this site. My first thought was, how could the make a movie out of a game that doesn't have a plot? But I was really interested, as I loved the game. Not sure what to expect, I watched it. And I was very surprised.

Story ; 9/10
The story centers around the main character, Ai, and how she adjusts to living in the animal village she just moved to. Again, I wasn't really expecting this to have a good plot, but it did! (or at least in my eyes)

Art ; 10/10
The backgrounds were a tad simplistic, but the people and animals were adorable. Bouquet was so cute! The designs of the animals stayed very close to their game counter parts. The colors were fantastic; bright and colorful and fun to watch. Very smooth animation.

Sound ; 8/10
Just sound pulled from the game, but it was still nice. It worked well in the situations it was put in. Along with the bright colors it had a calm and almost peaceful effect.

Character ; 10/10
The characters were all very fun to watch; each had their own distinct personalities. Ai, the main protagonist of the story was very outgoing and determined to be successful in her new village. The other characters personalities also were very similar to the game.

Enjoyment ; 10/10
Although this movie was aimed more towards kids, I loved it! This was one of the those rare shows/movies that made me laugh and almost cry at some parts! It was well put together, and a very heart warming movie with a good message at the end.

Overall ; 10/10
Whether you liked the game or not, this movie will have you smiling through out the whole thing.

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