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Released Year : June 7, 2007 to June 27, 2007

No of Episodes : 15

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Genre : Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Game,Kids,Magic,Martial Arts,Mecha,School,Sci-Fi,Shoujo,Shounen,Slice of Life,Super Power,Supernatural

Plot : 15 one-minute shorts created by various people from Japan's animation industry. The title of the collection, Ani*Kuri15, is abbreviated from the words "anime" and "creators". Season One Shinji Kimura (Studio 4°C; Art Director, Steamboy) - title: Attack of Higashimachi Ni Chome/Attack of Higashimachi 2nd Burough Shōjirō Nishimi (Studio 4°C; Character Designer, Tekkonkinkreet) - Uchujin Raikou Hiroshi no Baai/Invasion from Space - Hiroshi's Case Akemi Hayashi (Gainax; Character Designer, Fruits Basket) - Namida no Mukou/From the Other Side of the Tears Osamu Kobayashi (Madhouse; Art/Mecha Desgin, Gungrave) - Sancha Blues/The Aromatic Tea Blues Yasufumi Soejima (Gonzo; 3D/CG Director, Last Exile) - Hyotoko/Blaze Man Season Two Atsushi Takeuchi (Production I.G; Mecha Design, Ghost in the Shell) Mamoru Oshii (Production I.G; Director, Ghost in the Shell) - Project Mermaid Kazuto Nakazawa (Studio 4°C; First Unit Director, Kill Bill Chapter 3: The Origin of O-Ren from Kill Bill: Volume 1) - "yurururu" ~Nichijou Hen~ Ranji Murata (Gonzo; Character Design, Blue Submarine No. 6) and Tatsuya Yabuta (Gonzo; Story Design, Final Fantasy VII) - Gyrosopter Tobira Oda (Original Manga, Danchi Tomō) and Yasuyuki Shimizu (Key Animation, Naruto (movies)) (Studio 4°C) Season Three Michael Arias (Studio 4°C; Director, Tekkonkinkreet) - Okkakekko Makoto Shinkai (Comix Wave Film; Director, The Place Promised in Our Early Days) - Neko no Shuukai/A Gathering of Cats Shōji Kawamori (Satelight; Director, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?) - Project Omega Mahiro Maeda (Gonzo; Director, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo) - Onmitsu Hime Satoshi Kon (Madhouse; Director, Paprika) - Ohayō/Good Morning

Our Review : Anikuri 15 was something that showed up on an accidental search and I stumbled across it. And long behold I was quite happy with the outcome, because what I had come across was a showcase piece of some of the most talented artists in anime in which each one puts together a 1 minute short to see how fast they can create an atmosphere, a character that people can connect with, and a story or work of art that people can understand. It was quite a fascinating piece, and although I would've wanted more character development and story, for god's sake man, it one minute an episode. Overall I sincerely enjoyed this series, and if you are looking for something short, sweet, and includes the work of artists like Satoshi Kon, Makoto Shinkai, and Shinji Kimura, pick this sucker up. You will be humbly pleased.

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