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Released Year : March 17, 2004 to March 23, 2005

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Drama,Fantasy,Romance,Sci-Fi,Shoujo

Plot : Angelique Limoges and Rosalia de Catargena have been chosen as candidates in a Queen Examination - a test to see who is better qualified to be the next Queen of the cosmos. For this special examination, both girls are given their own continent on a planet. The girls must raise the continents into thriving civilizations and environments. Nine Guardians (who control various elements, such as fire, wind, and water) have been chosen to help the girls raise their continents during the Queen Examination. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Angelique is a short OVA of 3 episodes only ( based on a game for Super Famicom) that describe how Angelique became a queen.
(manga was released after the game)
The 3 episodes only reflect the viewers how the game/manga itself would look like in anime because the reason the OVA was released is the many requests from people who loved this date simulator game.

No options for spoiler because we get revealed from the start who will be chosen as a queen , so the end revealed from the beginning.
This OVA like the other OVA of angelique talking about the same "symptom"
so called "pure heart" of a little , stupid , without any confidence and self esteem girl who find the "true powers" inside of her and gets the throne/guy.
No action in this OVA , no fighting , killing or any other sort of violence.

This 3 episodes basically nice and fun but without playing the game or read information on the internet will be boring to watch because the OVA was made to be for the view to people who are game fans and not for the watch .
The characters very well developed even in this short OVA and have rich personality
and attitude. The characters look good , colorful and fun to watch.

Angelique based on pure romance so guys mostly won't like to watch it.

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