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Released Year : February 15, 2013 to ????

No of Episodes : Unknown

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Based on chapter 6 (Love-Hate-Really Love) of the manga Ane-Koi by Yuzuki N'.

Our Review : Hentai, known for its animation porn and false advertisment.
Heres the story. Yoshiharu is in love with his big sister Hayami. Hayami hates Yoshiharu. So when he finds out that she is about to move out. He goes all in. I hope he has a royal flush cause he is placing all his bets on one kiss.
The art is some what disappointing. One of the reason I consider this hentai was the art. But it was someting like you would see back in 2006, 2007.
Voice actors were fine. fit the roll.
The characters were also a little blah. First you got Yoshiharu. Hes in high school but acts like he just stop wetting the bed. Last you got Hayami. At first she was all tsundere. Hot right? Wrong! She doesn't stop crying. I mean she doesn't do that little tear up thing (that we all love) no, she acts like she just watched the last episode of Cowboy Bebop!
I personally felt like this hentai was lacking in some areas. It can have been alot better.
Overall you don't need to brake out your favorite vaseline over this. But if you must, go check it out!

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