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Andromeda Stories

Andromeda Stories

Released Year : August 22, 1982 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Fantasy,Sci-Fi

Plot : In the Andromeda galaxy there's a planet of a highly developed human civilisation. The gentle Prince Itaka and another kingdom's beautiful Princess Lilia are about to enter a love-marriage and take over the throne, when they discover a strange object on the nightsky. Later it lands on the planet, and an alien, mechanic civilization invades King Itaka's peaceful country making nearly everybody their slave. On a fateful night Queen Lilia gives birth to twins, and to avoid misfortune, the nanny Tarama takes one of the babies away, and entrusts it to the gladiator Balga. They still don't know, that the children were born with strong powers, and hold the key to the fight against the enemy that's searching to destroy every human civilisation on the planet... Source: Terra e... LJ Community (

Full lit of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:

Anime used to be a lot wackier 15 years ago. Bizarre, grim, frenetic, and generally a lot more original than today, were 95% of all recent series are simply coping one another and repeat the same stereotypes over and over again. This is a fine example of those times.

STORY SECTION: 7/10 [Messianism eats dust.]
Billions of years ago, on a planet, somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy...

A planet populated by humans is under attack by alien killer machines, programmed to annihilate all forms of life. The royal members of a kingdom manage to send to safety a pair of baby twins, a boy and a girl. They have been bestowed with the power to save the life of the planet. The twins get separated and grow up unaware of their heritage.

Many years later, the killer machines have almost wiped out humanity. The last remaining kingdoms search for the power of the twins as the last chance for survival. The twins, raised very differently, have to quickly accept their destinies and learn to cooperate before it is too late. Each possesses a mystical power that sends huge energy beams against the overwhelming mechanical armies. When both join hands, the beams are 10 times stronger.

The story is too simple and straightforward in the first half. But things change in the second half, as the narrow-minded leaders and the too stubborn to cooperate heroes make things harder for themselves. Also, many characters are more than what they appear, surprising the unexpected viewers more than twice. The villain supercomputer is not your typical “destroy everything” king of stereotype. The ending is far from being happy. It is really sad and even incestuous in a way, but passes a lot more interesting messages than those stupid Hollywood films with a messiah, destined to defeat evil and bring about an Earthly paradise. Plus, the ending is not absolute. A sequel is possible…

If you understand the Far East concept of reincarnation and you are familiar with the origin of life known as the Panspermia theory, you will like the general idea of the story. If this were a series, with longer duration and more plot twists, it would be a great story.

ART & SOUND SECTION: 6/10 [Outdated but still graphical.]
First of all, be warned that this movie contains a lot of graphic violence. It looks very fake by today’s standards but mass gore massacres are mass gore massacres, however silly they look. The young and weak-stomached are advised not to watch this. Viewers addicted to stylish graphics are also advised not to watch it, as they will laugh at it and ruin the dramatic message it tries to depict.

The animation… Oh, back then, it was very good. There is considerable motion fluidity but the lack in background detail, realistic physics and consistent body proportions ruins most of the grim atmosphere it tries to depict. Voice acting, music themes and sound effects were nothing great but they certainly weren’t annoying. Anyway, this movie is not about cool mechas and emo superheroes without context. It’s about the story.

CHARACTER SECTION: 6/10 [Ruined by the lack of duration.]
The characters are generally nothing much. Movies last too little to give enough time for serious character development. There are no prevailing personalities but since many characters have dirty secrets that cause interesting developments and refuse to do the right thing right away, they are not that dry. The main enemy computer and that female bodyguard were far more interesting characters than the leading twins.

If I hadn’t watched the titles in my suggestion list, it would be very rewatchable. Sorry, too many titles with a similar premise.

The too crude graphics and too fast story development easily turns you off. Beyond that, it beats most superficial titles of today.

I regret to inform you that the patient has left us. But worry not, as his ideals keep living inside his descendants.


Birth. Same premise, weirder story.
Windaria. Also big death toll and sad atmosphere.
Please Save My Earth. Same premise, better story.
Gall Force. Same premise, better story.
Captain Power and the Soldiers of Tomorrow, the Terminator trilogy, Battlestar Galactica, the Star Trek episodes featuring THE BORG. American series and movies where the machines are the bad guys.
Cassern. It’s a Japanese movie with real actors. Same premise, better graphics, atmosphere and story.

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