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Released Year : March 15, 1996 to July 26, 1996

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Young men and women are supposed to be interested in the opposite sex. They're supposed to be interested in sex, period. But the students at the prestigious Nobel Academy have been exhibiting unusually strong urges lately. When one of the female scholars spends her entire summer vacation masturbating in her room, her father calls on the Central Genetic Research Institute for help. Special Agent Akiko is assigned to investigate forthwith, and goes "undercover" to discover exactly what possesses the student body. (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : Title: Akiko

Anime: Akiko is a two episode OVA that was produced by Triple X Studios (known for their work on the My Sexual Harassment OVA) and directed by Kaoru Toyouka. It was released in Japan in July of 1996, and was bought Stateside in August of 2003 by Soft Cel Pictures (with such luminares as Kandy Kanal and Rod O'Steel on production).

Story: The students at the prestigious Nobel Academy seem to be having uncontrollable sexual urges. After one female student spends the entire summer in her room masturbating, her father contacts the Central Genetic Research Institute to help. They send an undercover agent, code named Akiko, into the Academy to find out what's up. However, something far more sinister lurks beneath the school's exterior...

Honestly, as set up for a porn OVA, the story's not that bad. There's some holes in the plot, and characterization isn't fully fleshed out, but really, it could be far, far worse. And, for the most part, the sex scenes have decent transition into them, and aren't all that over the top ridiculous. Plus, there's a good balance between porn scenes and plot. All in all, the story's not that bad, but could be better.

Art: Typical 90s style; big hair, minimal nose, pretty decently animated in general. There's a distinct difference in quality between the normal scenes (which are pretty decently animated, but not the greatest) and anything involving sex and nudity (lovlingly rendered), but, again, given the focus of this OVA, this is not that surprising. It's not the greatest art, and it doesn't hold up well almost a decade later, but hey, it could be far worse.

Music: Didn't really notice it, as it didn't stand out all that much.

Seiyuu: Seiyuu for this did a pretty decent job, didn't sound ridiculous/exaggerated on the porn parts, all in all, pretty decent.

Length: The OVA's at the perfect length; not overly long and ridiculous, but not short enough that it doesn't make sense.

Overall: A pretty decent OVA that's a good balance between plot and porn, decently animated and voice acted, just the right length, and with music that doesn't stand out that much. Worth a watch.

Story: 8/10
Art: 7/10
Music: 6/10
Seiyuu: 7/10
Length: 8/10

Overall: 36/50; 72% (C)

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