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Akane Maniax

Akane Maniax

Released Year : November 25, 2004 to August 26, 2005

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Comedy,Mecha,Romance

Plot : Jouji Gouda is a new transfer student at Hakuryo High. He fell in love at first sight and boldly proposed to Akane Suzumiya, representative of his class, on his first day at the new school. Although Akane finds him very annoying, hot-blooded and simple-minded Jouji never gives up and would do anything to express his love towards Akane.

Our Review : -Story (1/10)-
First of all I would like to say, it lacked one thing,very important one, yes you are right, it lacked a storyline. storyline. No storyline, no plot.
There is a high school transfer student, his name is Jouji Gouda, he arrives at Hakuryo High School. When he is introduced to the rest of the class, he meets Suzumiya Akane,(known from spin-off of this anime), he makes a proposal to her. Then, Jouji tries to make Akane like him.
Than begins holy c*&^ part. My deepest apologies for obscene language. I can’t express my feeling because it was something like- Dude we have romance/drama genre what is next? Dude, for real, we must bring in mecha. DUDEEE! GENIUS!1!11!11!! Words can’t express my disappointment.
-Animation (1/10)-
I am mecha fan. Watching this anime nearly made me commit suicide.
-Sound (2/10)-
They should have deleted it.
-Characters (1/10)-
Characters, ka?
Akane she is Tsundere what is more,eh…,nothing.
Jouji is violent and with his childish love attitude(lolicon!) totally ruins the whole thing. The rest characters are a nuisance as well. The character development is quite good. Just kidding. APSOLUTLY N-O-T-H-I-N-G- what will grow or tighten you to characters.
Sorry, what?
Overall 2.5/10
What else to say...N.O.T.H.I.N.G.
Oh no, I am sorry. There is one thing. If you are a huge mecha fan you will commit a suicide after watching it.

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