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Air (Movie)

Air (Movie)

Released Year : February 5, 2005 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Drama,Romance,Supernatural

Plot : Centuries ago, Kanna, a princess and the last of a winged race, was held prisoner in a castle as she was feared by the rest of the world. However, when she met a soldier named Ryuuya, she fell in love with him and told him of her wishes to see the outside world and to find her mother. Ryuuya attempted to fulfill these wishes. However, his efforts were in vain as Kanna was sealed in the sky through magic and cursed to be in pain for all eternity. Hundreds of years later, Yukito, a decendant of Ryuuya, comes to a quiet town one week before their annual festival with hopes that he can make some money. However, when he meets an unusual girl called Misuzu, he is reminded of what his mother once told him - "When you go out on your journey, if you find the winged girl's re-incarnation, you must use your power to set her free". Yukito and Misuzu's fates soon become intertwined with each other, with each developing feelings for the other. However when Yukito realizes Misuzu's connection to the past, he must decide on whether to leave, or to attempt to break the curse that has bound Kanna in centuries of pain. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

Our Review : **MINOR spoilers included.

Air the movie was a different story compared to the TV series, but both started and ended the same way. There were a lot of differences, such as Misuzu and Yukito’s relationship, as well as Kanna and Ryuuya’s relationship. In fact, the story focused more on these relationships, removing the story arcs of Kano, Michiru and Tohno. I guess they wanted to give more light to Kanna and Ryuuya’s story (which is a good decision)

As for Misuzu and Yukito, their relationship was more boyfriend-girlfriend, whereas in the series, they were more like brother and sister. Kanna and Ryuuya were much closer too, and Uruha’s role was minor in the movie. The same with Kano, Michiru and Tohno. Actually, the last 3 I mentioned didn’t even have a role – they were just extras. The biggest character-related disappointed was with Potato! Why would they take an absolutely adorable dog out of the story? On that note, I guess I like how the characters were on the TV series better.

The voice acting was OK, but I kinda wish Daisuke Ono came back for his role as Yukito. Daisuke Ono’s work made Yukito more sarcastic and funny. I am glad that Aya Hisakawa was back for Misuzu, because her voice was one of the elements that made Misuzu adorable. Other seiyuus that repeated their roles are Nobutoshi Canna (Ryuuya) and Chinami Nishimura, to name a few.

It almost looks the same, except KyoAni’s animation techniques were a lot better. Toei Animation’s work wasn’t that bad – in fact I like some of the techniques they used. I don’t know what it’s called, but I like it when they would divide one scene into many panels, sort of like what you would see in a manga. I also like the technique they used in telling Kanna and Ryuuya’s story, wherein there were always cherry blossoms. It makes an interesting screen play.

Most (if not all) of the music from the TV series were once again featured in the movie, except they were arranged differently. Personally, I like the original arrangements better, specially for the “Farewell Song” by Lia. The arrangement in the movie was a bit odd – it ended on a weird note. I do like the new song, “If Dreams Came True” by Eri Kawai. It was a really sweet song.

I can’t speak for everyone and say that it’s as good as the TV series, but it’s worth watching. It is an alternate retelling, actually, it’s more of a “dramatic” alternate retelling since it became more of a forbidden love story. My main motive for watching it was to compare it with the series (obviously I like the original more), but as a stand alone, I can say that it’s viable.

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