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Air in Summer

Air in Summer

Released Year : August 28, 2005 to September 4, 2005

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Comedy,Drama,Historical,Romance,Supernatural

Plot : An extension of the summer-arc in the Air TV-series, showing more of what happened during Kanna's, Ryuya's and Uraha's journey to find Kanna's mother.

Our Review : Air in Summer is a 2 episode special that shows more of what happened during episode 8 of the anime series Air.

The really is no beginning and there really is no end. If you want a beginning and an end watch Air. You should watch Air before this, because if you don't you will be pretty confused.

Just like the series, the art is fantastic. Flawless animation. Another spectacular job done by KyoAni.

The opening theme, "Tori no Uta, and the ending theme, "Farewell Song", stay. I love that =3 The background score stays but the background score has a select number of songs that are played for the Summer arc, and those songs are mostly played here, so we don't get to hear the full score as we do in the anime series.

Kanna, Ryuuya, and Uraha are the main characters. There are a few side characters, but not too many. Each character gets developed further, particularly Ryuuya, and you get to learn more and more about their past.

I completely enjoyed the anime so I had high expectations of this, and they exceeded my expectations. =3

If you have seen Air I highly suggest you watch this. If you have seen the Air Movie then you still might be a little confused while watching this, so watch the anime series first.

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