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After… The Animation

After… The Animation

Released Year : August 25, 2007 to January 25, 2008

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai,School

Plot : Young boy gets involved with the teacher and classmates.

Our Review : For those that watch to Fap. Go ahead. Fap value is high. I don't watch to fap though. I watch for story, this really wasn't my story. Very unrealistic.. If this was realistic id become a hikikomori and never go to school in fear of being butt-raped every second.
Seriously. every minute there's a sex scene. Here's the layout for each episode:
1 min of useless things that lead up to sex
5 min of sex or more.
then another minute, which is basically a scene transition, and it repeats this cycle.
Now, they TRY to put a story line in it but... I didn't see it. Its like when a person lifts their skirt up and asks you how their new hairstyle looks. You're looking at the skirt, not the hair. When they don't have sex for a MINUTE and try to have a storyline, you're too busy whining over that they stopped doing it to even give a damn. The sex scenes are all this show has going for it, and that's not much, as even that is unrealistic to an extent.
I would give it a 1, but I only give that to pure shit. Like, it has nothing going for it. This does have something to at least watch, but that thing is very poor. I stand firm with giving it a 2.

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