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Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Afro Samurai: Resurrection

Released Year : January 25, 2009 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Samurai

Plot : Takashi Okazaki said in the new season Afro "loses his way, gets tired of all the killing" and he "wakes up to his destiny, which is to be the world's number one warrior." Produced by Japanese studio GONZO in association/partnership with GDH K.K. and based on the original art and story telling of manga artist Takashi Okazaki. Funimation is also collaborating on the production

Our Review : "Watch your damn mouth... cause I'm coming for my father."

This OVA begins some time after the original series of AfroSamurai where Afro is tired, sick of all the fighting knowing that it is an endless cycle. "Kill or be killed, there is no option". We see Afro in a little hut, accompanied only by a Buddha statue and multiple wooden figurines. Peaceful, but lonely.

So, when Jinno appears on a motorcycle and drags Afro by his hair through the tundra, it is appalling. In the previous installment one takes Jinno to be slayed, but he has returned along with is sister Sio who vouches revenge on Afro for making her family, and herself, suffer. For killing mercilessly. To do this Sio takes Afro's father's skull and disappears, promising to make Afro tremble by brutally tormenting his father and himself. However, before departing, she takes up Afro's number one headband and sends him on a journey to recover the second.

The art was similar to the previous episodes, this time portraying Afro as a war-stricken man who seems to have gone through many tumultuous events. The lighting is spectacular, giving you a feel for the scenery and making significant symbols jump as they are supposed to and details are down to a tee. The viewer is never disappointed, the gore assimilating perfectly with every slash and vengeful strike. The sound and music fit the anime down just right. However, it is rather difficult to discern some words that are spoken and takes you a good minute after rewinding the anime to figure out what was said.

Some of the characters, like Afro and his imaginary pal are just as awe inspiring as the previous anime. There is substantial character development but some, like Sio, will end up pissing you off in the end. Sio may look ample and plumped up, but her vendetta ends up driving her up the wall. Over and over again she speaks of revenge for the pain Afro caused and it gets really tiring after a while. After an hour into it, honestly, I just wanted to smack the bitch.

More characters are presented into the story and reveals a little more into Afro's past.

Overall [7]:
My enjoyment and overall score would have to be rated a 7. There were times when I just wanted the OVA to end, and there were times when I was anticipating what would happen next. The plot is good but a little used up. Certain things will surprise you, especially the events that happen near the end of the animation. I was rather disappointed by the way the mangaka presented the anime in this sequel, but, all in all, it is not bad to watch.

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