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Adventure Kid

Adventure Kid

Released Year : July 21, 1992 to October 21, 1993

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Demons,Fantasy,Hentai,Horror

Plot : Episode 1: A young man named Norikazu finds a computer from World War II buried in his back garden. When he activates it, he and a girl named Midori are transported to Hell where erotic creatures and monsters of different kinds live. They meet some friends including a sexy elf type woman named Eganko who falls in love with Norikazu, and a perverted monster prince who is soon enslaved by Midori. Using their new friends the pair try to make the dangerous journey back home. Episode 2: Having made their way back home the adventure duo find the world they knew is gone, and is now ruled by the demonic computer which first sent them to Hell. They travel back in time to World War II Japan in an attempt to stop the world from being changed. Notably, in doing so they witness the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, and there is an appearance of the Enola Gay, as well as numerous symbols of Japanese culture at the time. Episode 3: This episode has a humorous love-quadrangle plot, where Eganko comes up with a plan to make Norikazu fall in love with her with a love potion, and simultaneously make Midori fall in love with an egotistical young man from her school. Unsurprisingly their plan backfires and everyone gets what they deserve. (Source: Wikipedia)

Our Review : I have only watched the first episode and I shall make my reviews in the form of said episodes..The first one was pretty interesting..Though I was stuck with the CENSORED Version.. The art is good for the art made at that time...Oldest Anime style. The story is very creative. You like...Demons?..You like Sci fi like things? (Mecha machines with tentacles) Tentacles all together? Light Rape to hard core rape?..Then this is for you. Esspecially if you like the main character to some how get super raged while defending his Girl friend.

This first Ep is proving to be a test for the main couple or at least for our Adventure kid.

The old man..Who controls this world..In my opinion is not that evil he watched his wife get raped...And as watching she starts to love it...and even dis him..saying the rapist is better...Now I wont call her a slut but...She is highly sex deprived...A year with out any from her husband..this made her crack and go sexually crazy...Watching this..Made him crack...And then he created this world I am sure he killed the rapist It seems he is testing our main characters love for his woman..Putting them through little insane situations..And so on..

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