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Abashiri Ikka

Abashiri Ikka

Released Year : May 21, 1991 to November 21, 1991

No of Episodes : 4

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Genre : Action,Comedy,Shounen

Plot : The Abashiri family is one of the most notorious criminal gangs ever. Papa Abashiri decides that it's about time his little girl is raised more appropriately, as a young lady and not as a member of a deadly gang. He decides to send his dear daughter Kukunosuke to an elite boarding school. The problem is this school doesn't have any intention of graduating their students. Crazed faculty members with homicidal and perverted tendencies, violent and unfriendly classmates, all of them welcome Kukunosuke to her new home. Pretty soon, it's an all-out teacher vs. students war. Will she be able to finish school before school finishes her?

Our Review : This is amongst the most deprived, violent and pointless retro anime I have ever seen! Every moral organization in the world has reasons to sue its producers. It is brimming with bloodshed, brutality and sexual abusing! .…………….. I LIKE IT!

ENJOYMENT SECTION: 7/10 [It is completely pointless but addictive for the same reason.]
Four episodes of non-stop massacres, tortures, rape attempts, bloodbaths. If you are a sucker for that kinds of things and don’t get offended by amoral worldviews, you will love this one. Think of it as the complete opposite to series like .hack//SIGN. But I strongly urge you not to watch it if you prefer cheery situations and moral characters. And it is also empty of anything other than brain dead entertainment, so it may be alianating to most.

Not much in four episodes. In a chaotic world, a family of murderers goes to rob a top-security bank and a massacre occurs.

Because the youngest daughter of the father (and leader) of the family is the first female born in several generations, the father decides to help her live a normal school life and steadily change the way of life of his family. So, he sends her to a private school, to become feminine and learn to live without killing.

Unfortunately, the school is in reality a training ground for murderers, were students get tortured, killed and raped daily, without the outside world ever knowing the truth. The girl has to fend of the teachers, make the cowardly students revolt and inform her family for support. More massacres are on the way.

As I said, it is a pointless series, so the story makes no sense nor does it try to explain why and how everything are as they are. Don’t try to reason with it; just watch it for cheep, sleazy entertainment. But hey, it is excused if it’s something Go Nagai put his finger on.

CHARACTER SECTION: 4/10 [cool looking but empty boxes]
Again, not much. No character has a backdrop story nor has a strong presence. You will mostly care about their actions (whom they are going to kill or sexually abuse next) and not themselves. Plus, most characters get killed before you manage to like them; so don’t try to bind with them.

ART SECTION: 6/10 [Good motions, bad drawings]
First of all, it’s old school animation. It aims at people who like titles from the 70’s. That is why everyone’s faces look so silly and simple. I personally liked that aspect for one and only reason. All those old anime were not so violent, nor were they so amoral. They felt too much like silly adventures, so watching this kind of bloody and hentai scenes satisfied my long desire of watching a really violent old-school series.

Beyond that, the character figures are simple and the motion fluidity is very crude. The body motions are good to look at and all those violent / torture scenes were unrealistic but got the message through nicely.

SOUND SECTION: 5/10 [What? Sound?]
There was music? I don’t remember… Which means, that voice acting and music themes were nothing to remember.

If only it made more sense or if it had backdrop stories, it would have high rewatchability value... But it didn’t; so off with it!

VERDICT: 4.5/10
The accused is found … NOT GUILTY! … He is senseless but also the most senseless of its generation.

Splatter and angst galore series to watch are Elfen Lied, Fist of The North Star, Gantz, and Berserk.
As far as sexual abusing goes, almost all hentai titles have a lot more hardcore scenes with girls being tortured and raped.

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